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You don’t have to go to Hollywood to have a Hollywood smile. I have created beautiful smiles for over 20 years helping countless people beam with confidence. By following this link http://LumineersbyCrovatt.com you can view dramatic smile improvements, achieved within 2 weeks start to finish, on our recent lumineer patients.These smile transformations were done with no shots, no drilling of sensitive tooth structure, no temporaries, and no pain. These patients now enjoy laughing and smiling without worrying about how their teeth look. We are excited that our lumineers solve so many cosmetic problems, so easily and so quickly. Our lumineers permanently whiten teeth to any shade desired, straighten teeth, close spaces between teeth, repair chips, and can lengthen short or worn teeth. We have lumineers in our own mouths so you can see live examples of our work. A beautiful smile can be yours with Lumineers-the painless alternative to traditional veneers

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“I had been having headaches for months with pain in what felt like the back of my neck. The mouth guard that I got from Dr. Crovatt has not only helped with them, but I have not had one reoccurrence since starting to use it. It is amazing what one thin mouth guard can do to help with my headaches from teeth clenching...”

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